What it Takes to be a WINNER!

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How to Get “Above the Line” and Stay There

NOTE: Watch the video above before reading the story below.

BELLA STORY & (3) LESSON: Super proud of our daughter this morning for how she handled a situation. I told her I was going to turn it into a lesson for others to learn from.

Jim and Bella love to go on daddy daughter breakfast dates before school and today was “going to be” one of the days. Last night Jim texted Bella “we are leaving at 7:40”. This morning at 7:40 she came into our room to find us still sleeping. She woke him up and of course was not happy so she left the room. Ten minutes later I came out to check on her. I searched everywhere and she was no where to be found so I called her phone. She answered a bit out of breathe

(Me) Baby where are you?

(Bella) Can Daddy hear you?

(Me) No, why, where are you?

(Bella) I’m hurrying on my way back from Einstein Bagels to surprise daddy with our favorite bagels for breakfast

We all have things like that happen to us on daily basis. We get to choose how we want to react to those types of episodes and incidents:

1. We can think about only ourselves and be disappointed, sad, upset or even play victim. We can tell all our friends about the horrible start to your day and even post about it on Social Media, etc. etc.

2. We can be a “No big deal” type of person and figure out a win/win workaround.

3. This morning could have gone in a completely different direction but it didn’t. It was an awesome morning that actually attracted Bella more joy and happiness that had it of gone the other way.

Calendar Mapping

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Parent Talk: How to Avoid the Terrible Twos & Rebellious Teens

Don’t let the title fool you. Get your journals out and I am SUPER EXCITED to hear what you learn from this lesson. For faster learning drop what you learn below AND in your journal. The more times you repeat it the faster you learn it. And remember “don’t let the title fool you”. This lesson has so many nuggets in it you will still learn new ones after watching it 10 times.