Darla started as an inventor and entrepreneur at a very young age in the salon industry. She found out early in life that she wasn’t very good at following rules, so she dropped out of high school and made her own way. Darla’s gifts are infinite patience and the ability to see things that others can’t. With those gifts, Darla set off into the salon world and quickly found that she had a big dream to reinvent the salon industry. Darla became a Master Trainer for the state board of cosmetology so she could train her own hairdressers how to do hair and how to treat her clients.

Darla’s salons were NO-tipping specialty salons, hence the name “Hi-Lites Aveda”. Darla created a way for Hi-Lites to be done that only she knew how to teach. From the invention of the “hilting board” to the way the colors were applied. People would come from as far as Alaska on a standing monthly basis to have their hair cut and hi-lited for $500 a visit. After 19 years, Darla had built a total of 5 high-end salons, had 49 employees that serviced 16,000 clients and was listed as one of the Top 200 Fastest growing salons in the country. By that time, Darla was a sought after consultant, traveling the country teaching other salon owners how to reinvent their salons and build a high end clientele.

In 2008 a local business owner introduced Darla to the Network Marketing business model and long story short, Darla hit the ground running and retired from the salon industry while breaking records along the way. Darla once again became a sought after trainer and is known in the industry for earning her first million dollars in 3 years. One thing Darla has proven is that she knows how to build networks. 

Darla says “If you have read How to Win Friends and Influence People then you know it’s all about Relationships. The faster you can emotionally connect with others the faster you tap into the riches of relationships. Those riches are; Opportunities, Referrals, Friends & Love!” Darla has proven that life’s real currency is in Mastering the Art of Human of Connections and today Darla teaches people all over the world how to Master the Art of Human Connections.


is a one year course that teaches people how to Master the Art of Human Connections. If you have ever read the book “How To Win Friends and Influence People” by Dale Carnegie, you know that relationships are what matter most. And the faster you can emotionally connect in a positive way with others, the sooner you attract the riches of relationships. Those riches are; Opportunities, Referrals, Friends & Love! 

Tool Box Training

Welcome to my Human Connection Tool Box. In every skill or trade there are tools that are used to help “get the job done”!

If you have you ever read the book “How To Win Friends and Influence People” by Dale Carnegie then you know relationships are what matter most.

The faster you can emotionally connect in a positive way with others, the sooner you attract the riches of relationships which are Opportunities, Referrals, Friends & Love! It’s easy to keep your 5 closest friends and clients happy but what about the hundreds that lead to thousands?

Highly successful people that have large networks of friends have found systems and tools to keep those relationships in tact. And for a reason, it does not matter what business you are in, you need a way to make people feel special and appreciated so that you will be remembered. Then from there you need a system that will allow you to stay connected and nurture those relationships. So that if the day comes that you decide to make a change, you will already have grown and nurtured a network of fans, followers and supporters.

See What Others Have Said About Darla!

Ofa Uaisele

I have to share this with all my friends… I have been working with Darla DiGrandi-Aguilera for close to 6 months. She has changed my life, my business, my work, and most of all my relationships.  By using the skills she has taught me with #MAHC, I landed the biggest contract after only being in my new career for 4 months. I am so excited for what new relationship I can build. 😍😍😍😍

Lisa J. Morris

"I am very independent, and I have always felt I can do whatever needs to be done myself, and when the idea of having a mentor came up, I thought it was unnecessary as I knew where I wanted to go, and I even knew how to get there. It took me a while to admit that I kept getting side tracked and was moving far too slowly.  Having a mentor is rather like having a compass. If you are sailing a ship, you know where you are going, and you know how to get there, but without a compass you might not even notice how far off course you have become. The compass is there merely to help you correct course so that you get to where you want to go in a timely manner. There is no doubt in my mind, now I have been working with Darla for a few months, that a mentor is essential, and of more value than I could ever possibly have imagined. Darla had been my compass, kept me on course and away from dangerous rocks that might have wrecked the boat! I am eternally grateful.

Andrea Koochen

Darla is such a blessing and it was by the grace of God that I got to see her at the ANMP this year (2019).

1. A friend practically had to convince me to go, so I did last minute
2. My phone crashed at 6am in the morning as I was driving from Dayton, TX to Dallas->so no GPS
3. I almost turned around when I got on I35-traffic->had to stop 2xs for written directions
4. Arrived late->Actually found my friend in a sea of 1,000 people

So that is how my journey with Darla began, hearing her speak.... I came home and she was in my head! I reached out to her and was totally shocked to say the least that she not only reached back in a timely manner but spent 1 hour on a zoom call talking! Blessed I was and holding back the tears.. She is such a beautiful soul, God knew I needed her at this time in my journey in LiFE as I struggle with people and relationships...

Its the knowing and how to with humans!

You see I was on the path to being what some people would call a hermit...
I was good at surface relationships, but now wanted more....to be able to give more of me->scary.

I have been in the MAHC for right at a month now! My progress is amazing! You see about 2 1/2 years ago I was encouraged to read Dale Carnegie book "How to win friends and influence people" did not compute : ( But the good side to this story since starting MAHC -> I have listened to it and now going back for my 2x!

My husband and I have struggle with proper communication, but are learning how to be, talk and listen and not jump to the offence! We say things like, are you sliding under the line... and even ask why, and what do you think the real issue is your feeling that way! Communication ; )

After 4 weeks, yes 4 weeks I finally sent my husband his first "what I love about you card" he will get it tomorrow! (Thanks to MAHC)

We went to a friends house for the 4th and I actually left knowing the guest name, something I was not really interested in doing before! Had conversations, connected!

I cannot thank Darla enough for her Love for people, relationships and a better world.

Jenifer Damek

"I spent two FULL days at a woman’s empowerment/ Business Summit last week and although I did find some value in it, the whole time I was thinking to myself how fortunate I am that I have Darla DiGrandi as my mentor and business coach. The value she provides ALL of us is truly a gift. Not only is Darla unbelievably knowledgeable in what she teaches, it’s HOW she teaches that is so powerful. At the end of the retreat, the program director then tried to sell her $6,000 program… What we all have in this group is crazy good! I wish I could have told (and did secretly tell one), everyone to look at Darla before making a decision to sign up with that program, but that wouldn’t be right of me… Anyway, THANK YOU Darla for being the fierce leader you are and an inspiration to all!!!!!”

Stephanie Massman - CA

“Darla DiGrandi’s mentoring and SOC’s Relationship Marketing System & Strategies has helped me to land accounts that would never give me the time of day before. My first full year with Darla & my bottom line Tripled and I added nothing more to what I was doing.”
John Endries – FL

"Darla has taught us how to turn our patient appointments and transactions into heartfelt experiences! Our referrals have sky rocketed, our patients rave about us and they tell everyone about how we made them feel! Darla taught us how a simple card, a simple system and simple act of kindness can change our entire practice!”

Dee Meacham - CA

“Just wanted you to know… I have been applying what I’ve learned in your course! Wow!!! Such a change!!! I am becoming a No Big Deal kinda person! Can’t wait to see how far I will go! Love ya lady – Your smile is intoxicating”
Michele Brown – MS

"You have a gift for keeping it real and you are very authentic and easy to relate to! You are one awesome lady with so much wisdom to share. What a blessing you are! Thank you for all you do every single minute of the day to make the world a better place for us all."

Stephanie Arnoldin - WA

"Hi Darla, I just have to tell you this. This is huge! I just flew into Houston. I suffered my entire live from the fear of flying. I used to be so freaked out when flying. On this flight (and I am convinced it has to do with what I learned so far in your training) I had no fear at all. Not one bit! I was so relaxed on the entire flight. I could not believe it. There happened to be some turbulence and I saw other people reacting like I did in the past, grabbing the seat with eyes wide open. I was sooooo calm and quiet. No fear! Not at all. I am so happy with all of the results so far. Thank you, Thank you, Thank you! "
Sylvia Jones - FL

I learned just how much Fatigue is affecting my life. And have a plan to combat my sleeplessness. Just being aware of the line has helped me stay above it. It has made a huge difference to me in just two days. I am going to put my chart up at home, on the visor in my car and at work to remind me to stay Above the Line. Thanks Darla.

Jennifer Grauer